Are you preparing to claim SR&ED tax incentives? Here’s what you need to know

May 30, 2023

Ottawa, Ontario

Canada Revenue Agency

Is your business doing research and development (R&D) work in Canada? Getting all of the Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) tax incentives to which your business may be entitled is not only top of mind for you, but for the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) as well.

Maintaining the fairness and integrity of the SR&ED program is a top priority for the CRA and is important to all stakeholders, including businesses claiming SR&ED credits, the tax professional community, and Canadian taxpayers. Our efforts to safeguard the program’s integrity help ensure that SR&ED investment tax credits are supporting businesses conducting eligible R&D work.

Throughout the claim process, the CRA is reminding you to make sure the information you provide, including information submitted on your behalf by a tax professional or claim preparer, is valid.

Working with a Tax Professional or Claim Preparer

If you are working with a tax professional or claim preparer to help complete an SR&ED claim:

Remember that it’s your responsibility to verify the accuracy of the information being submitted on your behalf, even if you are using a third party to prepare your claim.

Best Practices for Tax Professionals

If you are a tax professional or claim preparer, the CRA recommends adopting these best practices:

Common Errors in SR&ED Claims

To ensure that your business gets the most out of the SR&ED program, avoid these common errors when preparing your claim:

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