Annual Report to Parliament 2014-2015

Section 2: Analysis of Programs by Strategic Outcomes

In this document the Agency's core business is broken down into three strategic outcomes and seven programs, which in turn are broken down into sub programs. Each of the following chapters describes a separate program. Each chapter sets out key results for sub programs, and targets and results for performance indicators. The table below describes the highest level of mandated measurement for the Agency, which is strategic outcome.

Strategic outcome: Taxpayers meet their obligations and Canada’s revenue base is protected
Performance Indicator Target Actual Result
Percentage of returns filed on time, by the specified due dates, without direct intervention on the part of the CRA 90% 93%1
Percentage of known businesses registered for GST/HST 90% 95%
Percentage of reported taxes (including instalments) and source deductions paid on time 90% 90%
Strategic outcome: Eligible families and individuals receive timely and accurate benefit payments
Performance Indicator Target Actual Result
Percentage of Canada child tax benefit payments issued to benefit recipients on time (by the 20th of each month) 99% 99.99%
Percentage of Canada child tax benefit recipients who provide complete and accurate information and receive the proper entitlement 95% N/A2
Percentage of potentially entitled benefit recipients who receive the Canada child tax benefit (reported after each Census) 95% N/A3

Table Notes

1. This result is comprised of individual (T1) returns.

2. The Benefits Measurement Study is ongoing, therefore results are not available for 2014-2015.

3. Census results not yet available for 2014-2015.

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