Example of an OTIP submission: Nicole reports on her ex-spouse - Canada.ca

During her marriage, Nicole found out that her ex-spouse was breaking Canadian tax laws by hiding offshore assets from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

A few months after her divorce, Nicole heard about the CRA’s Offshore Tax Informant Program (OTIP), which may pay for information on major international tax non-compliance. She decided to submit information about her ex-spouse. Due to her knowledge of his personal financial matters, she was able to share detailed information with the OTIP. She provided T4 slips and notices of assessment that appeared to have been fabricated by her ex-spouse.

The CRA found additional documents to support Nicole’s allegations that her ex-spouse owned foreign properties, bank accounts and businesses in the U.S. and various tax havens, as well as a domestic bank account with a large balance.

Based on this information, the OTIP referred the information to the CRA’s audit team. They audited and reassessed this individual, which resulted in a large amount of unpaid taxes, as well as interest and penalties.

Nicole should receive a payment of between 5% and 15% of the federal taxes that are collected for this case.

If you have information similar to Nicole’s or other information about major international tax non-compliance, you could receive a financial reward. To find out if you are eligible, go to Report offshore tax cheating – Eligibility.

Disclaimer: This example is based on a fictitious submission.

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