Reporting on suspected tax or benefit cheating in Canada – How to report and send supporting documents

4. How to report and send supporting documents

After you send a lead, you cannot take it back.

Thank you for helping to fight tax or benefit cheating.

Submit a new lead online

Other ways to report a new lead

If you prefer to send a lead by mail or fax, make sure you give as much relevant information as you can to allow the CRA to review the file to determine if tax or benefit cheating occurred.

The mailing address and fax line are dedicated to receiving information on suspected cases of tax or benefit cheating. Any information received at our National Leads Centre that isn’t clearly addressed or meant for the National Leads Centre or the Leads Program will not be redirected to another CRA program due to the sensitive nature of the correspondence we receive. To find contact information for our CRA programs and services, visit the Contact the CRA webpage.

Sending documents to support your lead

If you have already made a lead submission using the online form or by calling the National Leads Centre, please send any supplemental information to our attention by mail or fax:

You were given a lead number in response to your first submission. Clearly write "Lead number: XXXXXXX" at the top right corner of every page you send us. If you don't have that number, you should send a new lead.

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