Pay by cheque

You can make a payment to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) with a cheque from your Canadian bank account.

Make the cheque payable to the Receiver General for Canada. Mail it with your remittance voucher to the address on the back of your voucher. The CRA will charge a fee for any dishonoured cheque.

If you do not have a remittance voucher

You can order personalized remittance vouchers and in some cases print your own. See Order remittance vouchers or payment forms.

You can also write any of the following identification details on the front memo field of your cheque:

If you want to give us additional instructions indicating where you want your payment to be applied, include it on a separate sheet of paper in the mailing envelope.

Mail your cheque

Canada Revenue Agency
PO Box 3800 STN A
Sudbury ON P3A 0C3

How long it takes

Payments sent by mail are considered paid when they are received by the CRA. To avoid fees and interest, please make sure you pay on time.

Other ways to pay

Available payment methods depend on the type of payment you are making. See Payments to the CRA.

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