Clarifying the rules governing charities’ political activities: consultation process 2016 to 2017

On September 27, 2016, the Minister of National Revenue announced consultations with charities to clarify the rules for their participation in political activities. As part of this process, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) held an online consultation open to all charities and the public from September 27 to December 14, 2016. It also held in-person consultations, moderated by an independent external facilitator, with representatives from the charitable sector. These consultations took place in Winnipeg, Calgary, Vancouver, Montreal, Halifax, Toronto, and Ottawa between November 29 and December 13, 2016.

In addition, the CRA established a consultation panel made up of five individuals with expertise in the regulatory issues facing charities. This panel was asked to consider feedback from the online and in-person consultations to make recommendations to the Minister of National Revenue on how the CRA can clarify the guidance, information and resources it provides to charities on the rules governing political activities.

The CRA would like to thank all the organizations and individuals who took the time to give their comments, either online or as part of the in-person consultations. Over the consultation period, the CRA received 19,990 written submissions from charities and individuals, and met with 167 representatives from the charitable sector.

Government response


2016-2017 consultations – Consultation Panel report

2016-2017 consultations – Third party report (Ipsos Public Affairs)

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