What documents will I need to claim my charitable tax credits?

If you file your tax return electronically, you should keep your official donation receipts from registered charities and other qualified donees for five years in case we ask to see them.

If you file a paper tax return, include your completed Schedule 9, but do not send your official donation receipts. Keep them for five years in case we ask to see them.

If you are claiming a carryforward, attach a note to your return indicating the year of the return with which you submitted the official donation receipt, the portion of the eligible amount you are claiming this year, and the amount you are carrying forward.

Regardless of how you file, you should also keep supporting documents (for example, cancelled cheques, pledge forms) and proof of payment (for example, credit card slips, stubs, bank statements) in case your claim is selected for review.

If you donated to an employee charitable trust, or through your employer as an agent of a registered charity, your T4 slip (Statement of Remuneration Paid), issued by your employer, should show your total donations for the year. In these situations, the Canada Revenue Agency accepts your T4 slip as your official receipt for income tax purposes.

For more information about claiming charitable donations, go to Line 349 - Donations and Gifts.

For more information about filing your income tax return, go to Learn about your taxes.

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