About the Canada Revenue Agency’s mobile applications for businesses

CRA BizApp

The CRA BizApp is a mobile web app for small business owners and sole proprietors. It lets you manage your business accounts securely, anytime and anywhere. CRA BizApp is available on the go, and on any mobile device with an Internet browser – no app stores needed.

With CRA BizApp, you can view and manage your corporation, GST/HST, payroll, and excise duty account balances. The app also lets you make payments to your business accounts, at your convenience!

If you are already registered for My Business Account, you can use your login information to access CRA BizApp. The app is available 21 hours a day, 7 days a week (see Hours of service).

To access GST/HST accounts that are administered by Revenu Québec, visit Revenu Québec's website.

What can you do with CRA BizApp

The BizApp allows you to get a quick snapshot of your tax information and manage select services. It also provides you with resources to help file your taxes, and offers secure access to make payments, view accounting transactions and more.

To learn more about the CRA BizApp features, go to Services in My Business Account.

How to access these services

There are two ways to get access to these services.

If you are a registered user of any of the CRA’s secure web apps or portals, you can access CRA BizApp using the same CRA user ID and password or Sign-In Partner information.

Who can use the CRA BizApp

Owners, as well as partners, directors, and officers of a business can use CRA BizApp. To qualify, your social insurance number (SIN) associated with a business number must be on file with the CRA. If you did not provide your SIN during registration, you can send official documentation to show the name(s) of authorized individuals either by fax or mail to your tax centre.

Representatives and CRA BizApp

Representatives acting for you (including accountants and employees) can only access your account(s) through Represent a Client.

Support for the app

CRA BizApp is designed to work within a web browser with an active Internet connection. If you are having difficulty launching the application due to connectivity issues, please contact your service provider or technical support team.

For all other enquiries, please contact the Canada Revenue Agency.

How to add a shortcut to the app on your device's home screen

Apple – Safari

To add this web app to your home screen, tap the Action icon and press "Add to Home Screen." Safari is the only browser that will let you add a shortcut to your home screen on an Apple device.

Android 4.4 and higher – Chrome and standard browser

To add this web app to the home screen, open the browser option menu and press "Add to home screen." The browser option menu can be accessed by tapping the top right menu icon or by pressing the menu hardware button, if your device has one.

Android 4.3 and below – Chrome and standard browser

To add this web app to the home screen, tap the bookmark icon. In the menu that appears, tap the bookmark button. Choose a name for the new bookmark and tap "OK." Then tap the bookmark icon to go back to the bookmark menu. Find the bookmark you just created, and press and hold until a menu appears. Then tap "Add shortcut."

Android – Firefox

To add this web app to the home screen, tap the menu button (either below the screen on the device, or in the top-right corner of the browser). Then tap "Page." On the next menu, tap "Add to Home Screen."

BlackBerry 10 – Standard browser

To add this web app to the home screen, open the browser option menu and select "Add to home screen." Then tap "Save."

BlackBerry 7.0 – Standard browser

To add this web app to the home screen, press the BlackBerry button and select "Add to Home Screen." Choose the name for your shortcut. Confirm the location of your shortcut. Then click "Add."

Windows – Internet Explorer

To add this web app to the start menu, click "Tools." Then select "Add site to Apps," and click "Add." Next, open your Start screen and click the down arrow in the bottom-left corner to go to “All Apps.” Find your new shortcut, then press and hold the icon until a menu appears at the bottom of the screen. Select "Pin to Start."

Windows – Chrome

To add this web app to the start menu, click the Settings button, then "Tools," followed by "Create application shortcuts." In the next window, select the location for your shortcut to appear, and click "Create."

CRA Business Tax Reminders

This app sends you pop-up notifications and/or calendar reminders for individual and business due dates for:


Notification reminders are not available on the BlackBerry mobile app.

Personal information and CRA Business Tax Reminders app

The CRA Business Tax Reminders app does not interact with the CRA or other government systems and no personal and/or business data is shared through the use of this service. All information gathered to use this service is secured through your personal security settings on your mobile device.

Your account information can be accessed and updated through CRA secure web apps or full-service portals.

Limitation on how many reminders you can set

The mobile device you use sets this limitation.

Calendar reminders are set to a maximum of five years. When you first set up the reminders, you can decide the length of time. The last three reminders will prompt you to renew your reminders.

If you entered the wrong information in the setup, or your tax obligations change

You will have to return to the home page and select the account you need to update.


If you have set up the calendar reminders on an Apple device, you will have to go to the settings page of the app and delete the reminders before updating your account information. Otherwise, you may receive duplicate reminders.

How to remove a program account

On the account page, swipe left on the account you want to remove.


If you have set up calendar reminders on an Apple device, you will have to go to the settings page of the app and delete the reminders before you delete the account.

Calendar reminders not removed with your account(s) on your Apple device

This is a problem with the iOS version of the app. Before removing an account, remove the reminders by going to the settings page of the app. If the account has already been removed and the alerts have not cleared, you have to manually remove unwanted reminders from the calendar.

You miss a due date

This service is meant to help you meet your tax obligations. However, the CRA and the Government of Canada are not responsible for the accuracy, reliability, or currency of reminders, since they are generated based on information you enter.

If you enter wrong information or your device or the app malfunctions, the CRA is not responsible for any interest or penalties you may be charged because you missed the due dates to file your returns or make payments.

You are responsible for making sure you meet your tax obligations according to the Income Tax Act and the Excise Tax Act.

Who to contact for technical support for the app

Contact the Canada Revenue Agency for any technical issues.

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