How to file

 Internet filing will be under-going maintenance earlier than usual. More details will be available soon.

Our Internet filing applications are convenient, free and secure.


  1. Have your completed XML files

    Have your documentation ready in order to send your information return to CRA.

  2. Determine your filing method

    Where possible, you should file returns electronically to avoid the delays that may occur in processing paper returns.

    To file your information returns electronically, you can access the Web Forms or the Internet file transfer applications via:

    • My Business Account (MyBA): Option 1

      Is a secure, password protected portal, that allows you to file information returns electronically through Internet file transfer and Web forms

    • Represent a Client (RAC): Option 2

      Is a secure service to access tax information and file information returns electronically on behalf of individuals and businesses, including your employer

    If you do not have a MyBA or RAC account, there are other options:

     Web Forms
    For up to 100 slips
    Benefits to using Web Forms
    • Completely free
    • You can file original, amended, or cancelled slips directly from the CRA website. If you want to file additional slips, file them as original slips
    • Create an electronic information return as an encrypted .xml file, containing slips and summary, which can be saved and imported at a later date
    • Summary totals are calculated for you
    • Allow you to print slips for recipients
    • The application validates data in real time, with prompts to correct errors before filing your slips
    • Send encrypted returns over the Internet
     Internet file transfer
    If you use payroll, commercial, or in-house developed software, to submit an XML file of up to 150 MB over the Internet
     CDs, DVDs, USB keys
    We do not accept returns filed on CDs, DVDs, USB keys

    To access directly to the Web Forms or Internet file transfer applications, you will need your:

    • Account number (15 characters RP or RZ Business Number, Trust Number, Non-Resident Number)
      • If you have more than one account, you have to file a separate return for each account
    • Web access code (WAC)
      What is a Web access code (WAC)

      A Web access code is a personalized code that is associated with your account number (RP, RZ, Trust or Non-Resident). It is case sensitive.

      Where to find your Web access code (WAC)

      If you do not remember your code or you need a new one, you can:

  3. Transfer the file to CRA

    Follow the instructions for either:

    • Filing with Web Forms: Option 1

      Web Forms is a free and secured application that allows you create your information return in XML format in order to file electronically to CRA

    • Filing with Internet file transfer: Option 2

      Internet file transfer allows you to use payroll, commercial, or in-house developed software, to submit an XML file of up to 150 MB over the Internet.

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