Customized forms

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) supplies Canadian taxpayers with the forms they need to file their information and income tax returns. However, to make it easier for those who complete large numbers of forms, we accept certain forms other than our preprinted forms, such as customized information slips, summary forms, income tax returns, and schedules. For more information, see Information Circular IC97-2R20.

Below is a list of customized forms that require approval as per Information Circular IC97-2R20. We update the list on a regular basis as the status of the forms becomes available.

Valid revision year(s) per form
Form Valid revision year(s)
T5008 (23)
T5008 Summary (23)
GST59 current version
GST60 current version
GST62-1 current version
GST62-2 current version
GST62-3 current version
GST62-4 current version
GST62-5 current version
GST62-6 current version
GST489 current version

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