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Claimants are responsible for the information in their claim. Whether you prepare the claim yourself or it is done by someone else, check that your claim is complete, accurate, and supported by evidence before you submit it.

A complete SR&ED claim must include:

  • Form T661, SR&ED Expenditures Claim (current version)
  • Form T2SCH31 or Form T2038(IND) to claim an ITC
  • Other forms, as needed (T1145, T1146, T1174, T1263, and any attachments)

To learn more about prescribed SR&ED forms, review Section 3, SR&ED Filing Requirements Policy.

SR&ED reporting deadlines

Your SR&ED reporting deadline depends on your income tax filing due date. Your income tax filing due date depends on what type of taxpayer you are (individual, corporation, or trust).


Your SR&ED reporting deadline is 12 months after your T2 Corporation Income Tax Return is due.


Your SR&ED reporting deadline is 12 months after your T3 Trust Income Tax and Information Return is due

Individuals who have a business

Your SR&ED reporting deadline is 12 months after your T1 Income Tax and Benefit Return is due.

Get your dates
  • Tax filing due date: June 15
    (after the tax year end)
  • SR&ED reporting deadline: 12 months later
    (June 15 the following year)

We recommend you submit your SR&ED claim early, when you file your income taxes.

To learn more about filing due dates and SR&ED reporting deadlines, review the Section 5, Filing Requirements Policy.

How to submit your claim

Depending on the type of claimant you are, you may either submit your claim online or by mail. Submit your SR&ED claim with your original income tax return for the year or with an amended return.

Submit online: Option 1 of 2

If you use software to do your income taxes, submit your claim electronically. Use the same method you use for your taxes.

Submit by mail: Option 2 of 2

Individuals, trusts, and partnerships who file a paper income tax return may send their claim by mail to the Tax Services Office where they send their income taxes.

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Review the policy about filing requirements

SR&ED Filing Requirements Policy

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