Automated messages to new GST/HST registrants

To help new GST/HST registrants meet their filing and remitting deadlines, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) began a national initiative in January 2015 that involves sending automated phone messages to most new registrants. The pre-recorded messages remind them of their first filing and remitting deadlines.

Selected registrants will receive only one reminder call before their first filing deadlines.

The CRA will not give out any personal taxpayer information in the filing and remitting due date reminders. As well, the CRA will not request any personal information from taxpayers.

The National Do Not Call List gives consumers a choice about whether to receive telemarketing calls. Since the filing and remitting due date reminder calls are not telemarketing calls, the Do Not Call List does not apply to them.

Fraudulent communications always ask for personal information, such as social insurance, credit card, bank account, and passport numbers. The CRA's automated courtesy calls do not request or give out any personal information. To learn more about how to identify fraudulent communications, see Protect yourself against fraud.

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