RRSP contribution information return slip

Account number

Filers must file their RRSP contribution receipt information return using RZ account format 123456789RZ0001. An account number has 15 characters in 3 parts:

Enter your 15-character RZ account number. If you have not received your BN RZ account number, call 1-800-959-5525.

Contributor name

Enter the last name in capital letters, followed by the first name and initials.

Enter the name of only one contributor on each slip.

Contributor social insurance number

Enter the contributor social insurance number (SIN). This is a required field and data must be entered.

You have to make a reasonable effort to get the contributor’s SIN (social insurance number). If you do not, you may be liable to a $100 penalty for each time you do not provide the SIN on a slip. However, if the contributor indicates that they do not have a SIN, has already applied for one, or does not have to apply for one, do not delay filling out the information return beyond the required filing date. If the contributor has not provided their SIN by the time you have to file the RRSP Contribution Receipt slip, enter nine zeros.

Contributor address

Enter the complete address of the contributor. Two lines of 30 alphanumeric characters are provided for the contributor’s address. Enter the contributor’s address (lines 1 and 2), city, province or territory code, country code and postal code.


The annuitant name and SIN number are required when the contributor and the annuitant are not the same person.

RRSP specimen plan number

The registered retirement savings plan specimen plan number.

Contract number

The registered retirement savings plan contract number is a required field and must be present.

Report type code

This is a required field and one of the following values must be entered:

Contributor spouse or common-law partner indicator

This is a required field and data must be entered. Indicate whether the annuitant's spouse or common-law partner has ever contributed to the retirement income plan:

Reporting periods

Each record must provide a breakdown of the total contributions made during the following periods in a contribution year.

For more information on the reporting periods, see Contribution year.

Amount prior year

This is the RRSP contribution made, in dollars and cents, in the final 10 months of the prior year.

Amount current year

This is the RRSP contribution made, in dollars and cents, in the first 60 days of the current year.

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