2D Bar Code

CRA-certified software produces two-dimensional (2D) bar codes that contain the information needed to assess your return. The CRA uses bar code scanners to capture the information on our processing systems.

CRA-certified software produces a T2 Bar Code Return that contains the corporation's identification information, a summary of the financial data, bar codes, and a certification area.

The paper quality and print legibility of your T2 Bar Code Return have to meet CRA's standards and must be printed on one side only. Use paper that is as durable as the 32M paper the CRA uses to print its forms. The print quality has to be clear and dark enough to read and photocopy easily.

If the T2 Bar Code Return you file was not generated by software that the CRA certified or does not meet its requirements, the CRA will contact you to re-file the return, either in an approved format or using a copy of our forms.

Generally, certified software produces a client copy of the T2 return in addition to the T2 Bar Code Return, which looks like a CRA T2 return available on Canada.ca. Keep the client copy for your files and mail the T2 Bar Code Return to the CRA. Do not send it by fax. The CRA does not accept it.

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