Ontario corporate minimum tax

The Ontario corporate minimum tax payable is equal to the amount by which the corporate minimum tax exceeds the Ontario corporate income tax.

Corporations subject to corporate minimum tax

A corporation is subject to corporate minimum tax if its total assets are $50 million or more and its total revenue is $100 million or more, except if the corporation was, throughout the tax year, one of the following:

The corporate minimum tax rate is 2.7%.

In determining if the total assets or total revenue exceeds the limits, a corporation must include its share of the total assets and total revenue of a partnership in which it has an interest, any associated foreign or Canadian corporation, and any associated corporation's share of a partnership. If a corporation is associated, it must complete and file Schedule 511, Ontario Corporate Minimum Tax – Total Assets and Revenue for Associated Corporations, to report the total assets and total revenue of all the associated corporations.

Calculating the tax

File Schedule 510, Ontario Corporate Minimum Tax, with your T2 Corporation Income Tax Return if one of the following applies:

Corporate minimum tax is based on the adjusted net income of a corporation. The adjusted net income is a corporation's net income calculated in accordance with Canadian generally accepted accounting principles or the International Financial Reporting Standards, with various adjustments. The adjustments are reported in Part 2 of Schedule 510.

Accounting gains reported in the year from corporation reorganizations that are deferred for income tax purposes are deductible when calculating adjusted net income.

Accounting gains reported in the year on the transfer of property under section 85, section 85.1, section 97, subsection 13(4), and/or section 44 of the federal Act are deductible when calculating adjusted net income. An election is required in order to claim this deduction. The CRA will consider a corporation to have filed an election (and to not need to file another document) if it reports the deduction and has filed the election(s) required for corporate income tax purposes.

In addition, certain unrealized mark-to-market gains/losses and foreign currency gains/losses on assets that are not required to be included in computing income for income tax purposes are not included in adjusted net income. For additional information, see Ontario Regulation 37/09.

Reporting the tax

File a completed Schedule 510 with your return and, if applicable, Schedule 511.

For more information, see the schedules and sections 54 to 62 of the Taxation Act, 2007 (Ontario).

On line 278 of Schedule 5, Tax Calculation Supplementary – Corporations, enter the amount of the corporate minimum tax.

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