Ontario made manufacturing investment tax credit

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The Canada Revenue Agency is developing a schedule to claim this credit. Please check this page for updates.

A new 10% refundable corporation income tax credit is introduced for qualifying investments of up to $20 million per tax year made by eligible corporations, for a maximum credit of $2 million a year.

The $20 million limit is shared among an associated group of corporations and is prorated for short tax years.

For calculating this credit only, any regional opportunities investment tax credit and any amount calculated for this credit, which would otherwise be government assistance for calculating capital cost, is deemed NOT to be government assistance and does not reduce the capital cost. 

Eligible corporations:

Qualifying investments are expenditures for capital cost allowance (CCA) classes 1 and 53:

The available-for-use rules differ between buildings and property other than buildings. For information about these rules, see Income Tax Folio S3-F4-C1, General Discussion of Capital Cost Allowance.

You cannot claim a credit for any expenditure that was incurred:

Claiming the credit

For more information on the tax credit, see section 97.2 of the Taxation Act, 2007 (Ontario).

On line 474 of Schedule 5, Tax Calculation Supplementary – Corporations, enter the amount of the credit you are claiming.

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