How the flow-through share (FTS) program works

Individuals, trusts, corporations, and partnerships can invest in FTSs, but only the original investors can deduct the amounts renounced to them.

The corporation that issues the FTS must be a principal-business corporation (PBC). There must be a written flow-through share agreement between the investor and the corporation. The corporation can then renounce and "flow through" eligible exploration and development expenses to the original investors. The type of expenses a PBC can renounce are:

FTS investors may benefit from:

Individuals (excluding trusts) can claim a 15% non-refundable ITC for certain mining CEEs renounced on investments in FTSs of mineral exploration companies. The investor and the corporation must have entered into an FTS agreement on or before March 31, 2008. Under the "look-back" rule, funds raised with the benefit of the credit in 2008, for example, can be spent on eligible exploration up to the end of 2009.

The following provinces offer provincial tax credits that are similar to the federal FTS credit:

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