Electronic Form TD1

As an employer, you may create a federal and/or provincial or territorial Form TD1 Personal Tax Credits Return and have your employee send it to you electronically rather than send you the actual completed Form TD1.

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) cannot provide you with any advice or guidance in developing an electronic product. As long as the following conditions are met, you will be allowed to create, maintain, and store the TD1 Personal Tax Credits Return forms electronically. Since there will be no written signature on the TD1, security measures must be in place to authenticate the employee's identity, for example a password system or an employee self-service portal.

In addition, the electronic forms have to:

Finally, the use of the electronic form will not relieve you of your responsibility to review the completed forms for reasonableness. You should communicate with a tax services office if you have any concerns that a completed Form TD1 might contain a false or deceptive statement.

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