What could cause a return or an individual record to be rejected

Any information that does not conform to our schema, including negative amounts, will cause the TFSA annual information return or the individual record to be rejected.

The dates must be provided in YYYY-MM-DD format. Inversions in the month and day may cause a reject if the month field is greater than 12.

If a field is left blank, it will cause a reject, except if the field indicates “if applicable,” such as the fair market value (FMV) at death if the holder is not deceased.

We strongly recommend that you use a validating parser before submitting the XML documents to ensure they conform to our schema.

The downloadable file of rejected records will be available in both My Business Account and Represent a Client. We will only notify you of any rejected individual records by email. Make sure to provide us with a valid email address of the contact person for your TFSA RZ program account.

For more information, see Retrieving rejected individual records.

Table 1 – Errors on individual records

Common errors
Type of error How to correct – type of record
Incorrect contract number Submit a cancelled record with the incorrect contract number and then a new original record with the correct contract number.
Election declared invalid by CRA Submit a cancelled record.
Record contained wrong social insurance number (SIN) or temporary tax number (TTN) Submit an amended record. If more than one year has been accepted under the wrong SIN or TTN, see “Cancelling individual records” for correction procedures.
Correction of other identification data – date of birth, surname, etc. Submit an amended record.
Data corrections, contributions, withdrawals, marriage breakdown transfers, non‑qualified investments, etc. Submit an amended record.
Most recent amendment is incorrect, previous version of record is correct Submit an amended record. Do not use a cancelled record – a cancelled record will remove all data and cannot be used to revert to the previous version of a record.

Table 2 – Large scale errors affecting a large number of accounts

Common large scale errors
Type of error How to correct – type of record
Records omitted from original return Do not cancel previously filed records – file new original return containing only the missing records.
Incorrect BN used to report Contact us for determination of correction method.
Incorrect TFSA identification number used to report Contact us for determination of correction method.
Any other Contact us for determination of correction method.
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