How to apply for a certificate of coverage

Ask for a certificate of coverage as soon as you know that a worker will be temporarily working outside of Canada. To do this, choose the form number that applies to you from the Table of countries that have an agreement with Canada.

The form has two parts:

The form is available in a fillable format and, once completed, can be sent using one of the Canada Revenue Agency's secure online services at

You can also send it by fax or by mail. In both of these situations, please print, sign and date the form.

Fax: 418-566-0318

Canada Revenue Agency
CPP/EI Rulings Division
Social Security Unit
320 Queen Street
Ottawa ON  K1A 0L5

Once approved, two copies of the certificate of coverage will be returned to the applicant.

The certificate of coverage will show the period of time for which the certificate is valid. If there is any change in employment status or if an employee or self-employed worker returns to Canada before the date shown on the certificate of coverage issued by the Canada Revenue Agency, notify the Social Security Unit.

If you have questions, call 1-877-598-2408 or 613-670-7439. The Canada Revenue Agency accepts collect calls.

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