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Grant for hosting free tax clinics

How much money you can receive

How we calculate your organization’s funding

The CRA provides funding to eligible grant applicants on a first come, first served basis, with funding allocated proportionately across Canada.

As of May 2023, the CRA is using a new funding model.

Grant funding is calculated using base and supplemental amounts:

Base amounts:

  • $500  for organizations that file 10 to 49 tax returns
  • $1,500  for organizations that file 50 or more tax returns

Supplemental amounts:

  • $250  for organizations that serve Indigenous communities
  • $250  for organizations that operate in Northern communities
  • $250  for organizations that operate in rural and remote communities
  • $5  per tax return filed

The CRA will determine supplemental amounts based on your organization’s CVITP registration information. There is a maximum payout of $30,000.

The CRA uses the following criteria to determine your organization’s funding:

  • The number of federal income tax returns electronically filed by volunteers affiliated with your organization
  • Supplemental amounts, which are subject to change each year
  • Total Government Assistance (TGA) your organization may have received for the purpose of hosting a free tax clinic
    • TGA is the total of federal, provincial, municipal, and territorial funding received by an organization
    • In your grant application, your organization must disclose the TGA received for the purpose of hosting and administering free tax clinics and filing federal income tax returns
    • The TGA will be taken into consideration in the funding calculations by subtracting the TGA from the total grant amount
    • Do not include CVITP Grant funding you may have already received from the CRA

The CRA attributes one return per submission using your organization’s CVITP Organization Identification Number (COIN).

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