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Cumulative effect eligibility

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Some people may be limited by mental or physical impairments, but do not meet the eligibility criteria for a marked restriction.

The cumulative effect of significant limitations combines the effects of limitations in 2 or more categories if, together, their effect is as severe as having a marked restriction in 1 category.

For example, if a person always takes a long time to walk and dress, and the extra time it takes to do these 2 activities is equivalent to being unable (or taking 3 times longer) to do just 1 of them, then they may be eligible.

Video for cumulative effect

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Cumulative effect categories

Review the criteria for marked restrictions in the categories below. If you have limitations in 2 or more of these categories, their combined effects may be equivalent to 1 marked restriction.


Not included:

  • Category not included in cumulative effect Life-sustaining therapy

Eligibility criteria checklist

You must meet all 4 criteria below. Check the boxes that apply.

If you’re not sure you qualify

You may still apply even if you're not sure. Your eligibility is based on the information given by your medical practitioner.

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