Line 31350 – Digital news subscription expenses

You can claim up to $500 for amounts that you paid in 2023 for qualifying subscription expenses

A qualifying subscription expense is the amount a subscriber paid in the year for a digital news subscription with a qualified Canadian journalism organization (QCJO) that does not hold a licence to carry on a broadcasting undertaking. To qualify, a digital news subscription must give access to digital content that is primarily written news.

Only the individuals who entered into the agreement for the subscription can claim the expenses. If you and another person can claim the same qualifying subscription expenses, you can split the claim for those digital news subscription expenses. However, the total amount of your claim and the other person’s claim cannot be more than the maximum amount allowed for this credit.

For more information, see About the digital news subscription tax credit.


A digital news subscription may also give you access to non-digital content or content that comes from a partner organization of the QCJO, that is not a QCJO. Only the cost of a comparable stand-alone digital subscription to the content of the QCJO will be eligible. If there is no comparable stand-alone digital subscription, only half of the amount paid is eligible.

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