Foreign currencies

Foreign exchange gains or losses from capital transactions of foreign currencies (that is money) are considered to be capital gains or losses. However, you only have to report the amount of your net gain or loss for the year that is more than $200. If the net amount is $200 or less, there is no capital gain or loss and you do not have to report it on your income tax and benefit return.

Report your net gain or loss in Canadian dollars. In general, the foreign currency amount should be converted using the Bank of Canada exchange rate in effect on the day of the transaction.

Alternatively, the CRA will also generally accept a rate for that day from another source if it is:

Other sources that the CRA would generally accept include rates from Bloomberg L.P., Thomson Reuters Corporation and OANDA Corporation. In certain circumstances described in the Income Tax Folio S5-F4-C1, Income Tax Reporting Currency, an average rate may be used to convert foreign currency amounts. Also refer to that Folio for more information about this or converting foreign amounts generally.

Completing your Schedule 3

Report dispositions at lines 15199 and 15300 of Schedule 3.

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