Trust income tax return

New legislation in Bill C-32 states that certain trusts must provide additional information regarding beneficial ownership on an annual basis. Trusts must provide beneficial ownership information on a Schedule 15, filed along with a T3 return. These new reporting requirements are effective for taxation years ending after December 30, 2023 and subsequent tax years. This means that some trusts may have to file a T3 return for the first time. Others should still file their 2022 T3 returns as usual.

Services and information

Filing a T3 return

Find out who should file, when to file, how to file, and where to file a T3 return.

Tax year-end and fiscal period

Find out what the tax year-end is for different types of trust and how to change a fiscal period.

Submitting and filing documents online related to T3

Find out how to submit and file documents online.

When to pay a balance you owe on your T3 return

Find out when to pay a balance owing.

Residency and how to contact us

Find out about the residency status of a trust and how to get more information.

Clearance certificate

Find out when you need a clearance certificate and what forms to use.


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