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After you apply

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When to expect a decision

Our service standard is to provide you with a decision within 28 days of filing your application. We aim to meet this standard 80% of the time.

To avoid delays in processing your application, it’s important you:

If all your records of employment and required documents are submitted, allow time for processing. We will contact you if we require additional information.

Review the status of your application

Sign in to My Service Canada Account (MSCA) at any time, and:

  • check that your banking information, address and telephone number are up-to-date
  • review your claim status and messages

To sign up for direct deposit or to update your banking information, address or telephone number, you can:

Check online for your records of employment

We need your records of employment (ROE) for all jobs held in the past year (or since the start of your last claim) to determine:

  • whether you're eligible to receive Employment Insurance (EI) benefits
  • how much you'll receive and for how long

To check if your employer has issued your ROE, sign in to MSCA and select ‘Records of Employment’.

Your employer should issue your ROE within 5 calendar days after the final pay period. If you’ve requested the ROE and it has not been issued within this timeframe, contact us.

Submit your biweekly reports

Your access code will arrive by mail

A benefit statement is mailed to you shortly after you apply for EI benefits. The statement includes your access code, a 4-digit number. You'll need your access code and your Social Insurance Number (SIN) to complete your EI reports.

Complete your reports

You'll have to submit reports to Service Canada every 2 weeks for as long as you receive benefits. They help show your ongoing eligibility and make sure you get the benefits to which you're entitled.

You can complete your reports online or by phone. Once you submit your report, we’ll tell you when to complete your next one. You have 3 weeks from that date to submit the report.

Submit your report

If you work or earn money, you must indicate it on your report. If you don't inform Service Canada, you risk being overpaid and having to repay benefits.

For more information on how earnings impact your benefits, visit Working while on claim.

Once your claim is processed

If you’re eligible

Details about your claim can be viewed in MSCA under ‘Latest Claim’ including:

  • the start and end date of your claim
  • your benefit rate and weeks of entitlement
  • the last report processed

You need to submit your biweekly reports to receive payments.

Before you start receiving benefits, there is 1 week you won't be paid called the waiting period. It's like the deductible that you pay for other types of insurance.

Payments are only issued after your reports have been processed. You’ll receive your first payment about 28 days after you apply if you're eligible and have provided all required information.

If you’re not eligible

There are situations where you may not be eligible for benefits.

If you're not eligible, we'll notify you of the decision made about your application. You will be able to review information as to why you are not currently eligible for benefits in MSCA. You can also review and print most letters that we have mailed to you.

If you have additional information or documentation to provide, submit it as soon as possible. We will review your claim.

If you disagree with the decision about your application for EI benefits

You can request a reconsideration of the decision. You must submit a request for reconsideration within 30 days after the decision was communicated to you. You can contact Service Canada to help you with your reconsideration request.

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