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After you apply

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You must submit EI reports

After you apply for Employment Insurance (EI) benefits, you'll have to submit reports to Service Canada every 2 weeks for as long as you receive benefits. They help show your ongoing eligibility and make sure you get the benefits to which you're entitled.

You'll need your social insurance number and the 4-digit access code we mailed you to submit your reports online or by phone. Once you submit your report, you'll get the date to submit your next one. You have 3 weeks from that date to complete the next report.

Submit EI report

If you work or earn money, you must indicate it on your report. If you don't inform Service Canada, you risk being overpaid and having to repay benefits.

For more information on how earnings impact your benefits, visit Working while on claim.

When to expect your payment

You'll receive your first payment about 28 days after you apply if you're eligible and have provided all required information. If you're not eligible, we'll notify you of the decision made about your application.

Waiting period

Before you start receiving benefits, there is 1 week for which you won't be paid. This is called the waiting period. It's like the deductible that you pay for other types of insurance.

When payments stop

You stop receiving benefits if:

  • you receive all the weeks of benefits to which you were entitled
  • the payment timeframe during which you can receive benefits ends
  • you stop filing your bi-weekly report
  • you request a termination of your claim to file a new claim

If you start working before you finish your current EI claim, you must tell us when you complete your EI report so we can adjust or stop your claim, depending on whether the work is full-time, part-time or by contract. If the work is short-term or a contract, you may re-activate your EI claim and continue to receive your biweekly payments when you’re laid off.

If you disagree with the decision about your application for EI benefits

You can request a reconsideration of the decision. You must submit a request for reconsideration within 30 days after the decision was communicated to you. You can contact Service Canada to help you with your reconsideration request.

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