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Maximum payment and income threshold

The amount of the Allowance for the Survivor that you receive depends on your previous year’s income.

Allowance for the Survivor amounts - April to June 2024
Your situation Your annual net income must be Maximum monthly payment amount
I am a surviving spouse or common-law partner less than $29,112 up to $1,614.89

Find out more about Allowance for the Survivor payment amounts.

The Allowance for the Survivor benefit is reviewed in January, April, July and October to reflect increases in the cost of living as measured by the Consumer Price Index. Your monthly payment amount will not decrease if the cost of living goes down.

Your payment

You can receive your benefit payment by cheque or direct deposit to your banking account in Canada. You will have sign up for direct deposit.

If your income this year is less than last year

Your income may change due to several factors. Find out how to determine your income.

Contact us if you have a lower annual income due to retirement or if other pension benefits are reduced or stopped.

In these cases, we can set your benefit payment by estimating your income for the current year instead of using last year’s income.

If you disagree with the amount you receive

If your letter from us lists a payment amount you think is incorrect, you must write to us within 90 days after you receive our letter. Find more information on how to request a reconsideration.

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