Weather, climate and hazards

Check current conditions, including forecasts, public weather alerts and satellite/radar images. Get information on severe weather, natural hazards, air quality and climate change.

Energy efficiency

Find out about energy-efficient homes and vehicles, green energy, and ENERGY STAR® appliances. Get the fuel prices in your area.

Natural resources and energy

Learn about Canada’s natural resources, including water, forests and the Canadian mining industry.

Agricultural practices

Find information on soil, water and climate conditions across Canada. Learn about farming practices to preserve land and water.

Fishing and hunting

Find the hunting and fishing regulations for each province/territory, as well as season openings and closures. Get information on the farming of fish and other aquatic organisms.

Wildlife, plants and species

Learn about Canada’s biodiversity and wildlife, including species at risk, aquatic plants and animals, and invasive species.

Pollution and waste management

Find out about ways to track and reduce pollution and waste.

Environmental conservation and protection

Learn about the National Conservation Plan, the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency and other measures to protect the land and wildlife of Canada.


Ahead of the Herd in Cutting Cattle Carbon

A new study led by an AAFC researcher has revealed that Canada's beef sector has reduced its environmental footprint over the past 30 years.

National Pollutant Release Inventory

Find out how the National Pollutant Release Inventory identifies pollution prevention priorities.

Aquatic species at risk

Recovery strategies for aquatic species at risk.

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