Supply chain transparency and consumer product labelling: National consultations

From: Environment and Climate Change Canada and Health Canada

Current status: Closed

Opened on March 4, 2022, and closed for registration on April 1, 2022.

The Government of Canada is committed to enhancing supply chain transparency and strengthening mandatory labelling for products. The goal of the National Consultations on Supply Chain Transparency, including labelling, is to engage Canadians in identifying, developing, prioritizing, and testing innovative solutions, for consumer products like cleaning products, and flame retardants in upholstered furniture. These consultations will help inform Government decisions and actions within these areas.

Policy lab format for identified parties and experts

Environment and Climate Change Canada and Health Canada plan to carry out a series of workshops and interactive events in a policy lab format, where identified interested parties and relevant experts will collaborate to develop and test innovative solutions. Activities will be designed to increase active participation and innovation and could include phone interviews, web-based questionnaires, in-person or web-based focus groups, and the use of digital tools to explore and test potential options. All activities will respect public health guidelines to ensure safe and inclusive participation.

Wood Canada Limited, with partners from the University of Massachusetts’s Lowell Center for Sustainable Production, will lead the consultations.


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