Federally regulated employees - Filing a labour standards complaint with the Labour Program: After you file a complaint

7. After you file a complaint

After you file a complaint with the Labour Program, you will receive a letter of acknowledgement.

If the complaint is admissible, the Labour Program will conduct an investigation. If all or part of your complaint is founded (monetary or non-monetary complaint), the Labour Program will ask your employer to correct the contravention(s).

Monetary complaint

The Labour Program will accept and investigate your complaint if filed within 6 months from the last day your employer was required to pay you wages or other amounts.

During the investigation, the Labour Program will determine whether:

  • the complaint is founded, and
  • the employer owes wages or other amounts

Actions taken by the Labour Program

After you file a complaint, the Labour Program may write to you about  your complaint asking for you to provide information or answer questions within certain timelines. As such, during this time it is important that you keep the Labour Program updated as to any changes in your contact information.

If you do not respond to the Labour Program correspondence within noted timelines, the Labour Program will consider your complaint abandoned and issue a Notice of Complaint Rejection.

Unjust dismissal complaint and Genetic testing complaint

After you file a complaint, the Labour Program will:

  1. determine admissibility of your complaint based on the eligibility and timelines to file a complaint
  2. assist in the attempt to settle the complaint, if you and your employer agree; and
  3. close the file, when you and your employer reach an agreement

If an agreement is not reached, at your request, the Labour Program may refer the complaint to the Canada Industrial Relations Board (the “Board”).

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