Workplace harassment and violence prevention program

Important note

If you believe that your life/physical safety, or that of someone you know in the workplace, is at immediate risk, please contact the Military Police if you are on a base, wing, or in a DND building. If not on DND property, call 911.

Report harassment and violence: Notice of Occurrence form – Harassment and Violence in the Workplace.

1. How to report an incident

Step 1 – Review the definition of harassment and violence

As the principal party or a witness of an occurrence of harassment and violence, you must review the definition of harassment and violence:

The Canada Labour Code defines harassment and violence as: "any action, conduct or comment, including of a sexual nature, that can reasonably be expected to cause offence, humiliation or other physical or psychological injury or illness to an employee, including any prescribed action, conduct or comment." This also includes any negative behaviours based on the prohibited grounds of discrimination identified in the Canadian Human Rights Act.

For more information and examples on harassment and violence in the workplace, consult the:

Note: If the occurrence does not involve a public service employee and involves only CAF members, DAOD 5012-0 Harassment Prevention and Resolution, and the Harassment Prevention and Resolution Instructions (PDF, 625 KB) (accessible only via the DWAN), will continue to apply. If the occurrence involves a CAF member and a public service employee, continue to Step 2. Existing CAF programs, preventative measures, and support will remain in place to keep our Defence Team workplace free from physical and psychological harm.

Step 2 – Complete a Notice of Occurrence form

If you believe the occurrence meets the definition of harassment and violence, please report it to your supervisor/manager or Designated Recipient Unit by completing the:

Download “Notice of Occurrence – DND 4747-E” form from Defense Forms Catalogue (DFC) if link above is not working: Form Search – Defence Forms Catalogue (DFC) (

If the occurrence involves your supervisor or manager, you must submit the form to the Designated Recipient Unit, either:

If you are a supervisor/manager that has received a Notice of Occurrence, inform the Workplace Harassment and Violence Prevention (WHVP) Centre of Expertise (via email at within seven calendar days for tracking purposes.

For more information on the appropriate mechanisms to use to file a complaint or report an incident, please consult:

Note: A principal party or a witness may choose to provide an anonymous Notice of Occurrence. If an occurrence is submitted by a witness or anonymously, the employer or designated recipient will conduct an initial meeting with the named principal party to confirm the details of the occurrence, whether it falls under the definition, and if the principal party agrees to continue the process. If the principal party does not wish to continue with the process, the occurrence is considered resolved. However, the applicable Workplace Health and Safety Committee (WHSC) or Health and Safety Representative should be advised of the nature of the occurrence to allow for a review of the workplace assessments and update if necessary.

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