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Joint DM/CDS Directive on Business Resumption Planning Directive

This joint DM-CDS Directive on Business Resumption Planning provides guiding principles on business resumption to L1s and does not tell Defence Team members when they will return to work. Specific tactical decisions will be made at a more local level. The directive does set the conditions that all return-to-work plans must follow.

DND\CAF COVID-19 Public Health Measures and Personal Protection

The joint DM-CDS Directive on Public Health Measures and Personal Protection outlines the different levels of health measures and personal protective equipment CAF/DND will use across Defence locations. It ensures consistent safety procedures across the entire Defence Team , as well as what staff can expect to have provided.

L1 Business Resumption Plans

Plans outlining more specific direction, guided by the two above-mentioned directives. Each L1/Command will issue these overarching plans that take into account factors specific to their areas of responsibility.

*No two L1/Command plans will be the same but most will be interconnected with other L1/Commands’. Some groups will employ a more consistent approach with the L0 strategy, whereas larger organizations will require details that will need to be customized to suit their organizational requirements. In many cases, a great deal of discretion will be given to the local commanders to communicate business resumption plans to their respective staff. One-on-one engagements are encouraged with direct reports as needed.

Local Business Resumption Plans

Local Business Resumption plans specific to individual teams and units will guide when and how Defence Team members will return to work. Before being implemented, discussions must take place between supervisors and their staff. Supervisors must consult their business resumption plans with their Occupational Health and Safety representative prior to staff returning to work. 

Key contacts

As Supervisors, it is your responsibility to develop each unit level/L2 business resumption plan. During this process, the below contacts may be helpful to consult with:

Area Contact
Information Technology 613-996-4000
Information Management/Defence O365 Getting Help page (link accessible only on the National Defence network)
Occupational Health and Safety
GBA+ (accessible only on the National Defence network) team in Corporate Secretariat to assist supervisors in conducting a Gender Based Analysis Plus assessment of their back to work plans (link accessible only on the National Defence network)
General Human Resources Labour Relations (leave, labour relations, compensation etc.)
Toll Free: HR Connect RH 1-833-RHR-MDND (1-833-747-6363) between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm Eastern Standard Time.
Or via HR Connect RH (link accessible only on the National Defence network) or download the HR Go RH App.

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