Annex G: Tools for supporting staff

To help you manage and guide staff through this change management exercise, consult the many tools and resources available to you below.

Guidance and checklists

Access to DWAN

  • For now, bandwidth and number of access points is limited to essential work only. This will become less of an issue as people return to the workplace and are able to access DWAN directly.
  • Non-essential staff are required to work from Defence O365 until network accessed is once again permitted.

Defence O365

ADM(IM) is rolling out Defence O365, a Microsoft Office 365 platform for the Defence Team. This platform will complement the existing T-DVPNI system to improve the remote work experience and enable all DND/CAF personnel to virtually connect with their teams from anywhere.

Defence O365 accounts have now been created for the entire Defence Team and L1s are now working to distribute account credentials to personnel to onboard to the platform. To date, over 20,000 personnel have been onboarded. Once users activate their account and log in, they will have access to a Sharepoint support site with self-guided training, resources and updates.

L1s down to Base and Wings Power Users are responsible for sharing the credentials with users and support onboarding, which also depends upon L1 management engagement to make that happen.

Support for T-DVPNI remote access is ongoing, but is currently limited to essential work only.

As a supervisor, please follow up with your team and ensure staff are able to access their account and have been properly onboarded.

Resources to discuss Office O365

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