Defence Investment Plan 2018 | Introduction


At any given time, the Government of Canada can call on the Canadian Armed Forces to undertake missions to protect Canada and Canadians and to maintain international peace and stability. It will often call upon the Forces to deploy on multiple operations simultaneously.

Defence Investment Plan 2018 outlines how the Royal Canadian Navy, the Canadian Army, the Royal Canadian Air Force and the Canadian Special Operations Forces Command will be funded in the coming decades to ensure the Canadian Armed Forces is well equipped and well supported to carry out whatever missions are assigned by the Government. It also explains the policy context behind funding decisions made by the Defence Team, an integrated unit composed of Canadian Armed Forces personnel and Department of National Defence civilian employees.

Defence Investment Plan 2018 offers Canadians an unprecedented perspective on hundreds of projects and contracts—for capital equipment, infrastructure investments, and services—that will enable the Forces to keep Canadians safe and to support our allies and partners abroad.

This document is meant to inform Canada’s defence and security industries of future investment opportunities that will generate jobs and economic growth across the country. It will also be of interest to parliamentarians, academics and engaged Canadians seeking accountability for the use of federal tax dollars, as it demonstrates National Defence’s commitment to affordability and effective resource management.

Defence Investment Plan 2018 includes funded projects outlined in Strong, Secure, Engaged. As part of modern military planning, Defence continuously examines the future security environment and identifies capability requirements to ensure the Canadian Armed Forces is properly positioned to meet Canada’s defence needs. This includes keeping pace with new technologies, and ensuring old and new systems can work together. The Forces also ensures its equipment remains compatible with other nations with whom Canada’s military personnel work. 

The Canadian Armed Forces is taking a number of concrete steps to improve its ability to anticipate threats, challenges and opportunities. For example, the expansion of Canadian Armed Forces space and cyber capabilities is a priority. The Canadian Armed Forces is also enhancing intelligence collection, analysis and fusion capabilities, and supporting and leveraging the expertise of Canada’s defence and security academic community. New ideas are being supported through investment in research and flexible procurement arrangements. This will allow Defence to test new products to meet evolving capability needs. Future capabilities and projects will only be added to the Investment Plan when they have been fully assessed and funded.

However, Defence Investment Plan 2018 is much more than numbers and sound accounting methods. It is testament to the determination of National Defence to enhance the Canadian Armed Forces’ capabilities and capacity to achieve excellence across the entire spectrum of military operations as our Forces personnel protect Canada and its sovereignty.  

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