Forecasted Costs for Major Canadian Armed Forces Continental Operations - RPP 2016-17

($ thousands) FY 2015-16
FY 2016-17
Continental Operations Incremental
DND Cost 1
DND Cost 1
OP DISTINCTION 2 3,955 6,427
OP LENTUS 3 1,578 0
OP LIMPID 4 4,464 4,404
OP NEVUS 5 382 390
Sub-Total *: 10,379 11,220
Americas and the Caribbean
OP CARIBBE (Joint Interagency Task Force South) 6 11,485 5,421


Total *: Continental Operations 22,127 17,375

* Due to rounding, totals may not add up to totals as shown.

1. Incremental Department of National Defence (DND) Cost is the additional costs for personnel and equipment that are directly attributable to the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) operation. More specifically, incremental costs include the additional cost to deploy troops and equipment and to provide ongoing maintenance and support during the applicable operation, in addition to any specialized training required for the operation. DND does not include the full capital acquisition cost of major equipment in incremental cost, unless procured specifically for the mission with no life expectancy post operation.

2. OP DISTINCTION - CAF Support to the Government of Canada's Military History Commemoration Program.

3. OP LENTUS - Support to Civilian authorities across Canada during crises caused by natural disasters.

4. OP LIMPID - Routine domestic surveillance of Canadian air, maritime, land, space and cyber domains as well as presence in Canada's aerial, maritime and land approaches.

5. OP NEVUS - Maintenance of communication facilities on Ellesmere Island.

6. OP CARIBBE (Joint Interagency Task Force South) - Canada's participation in the multinational campaign against illicit trafficking by transnational organized crime in the Caribbean basin and the eastern Pacific Ocean.

7. OP HAMLET - Canada's contribution to the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH). $520K estimated mission close out costs for Fiscal Year 2016-17.

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