Transfer for Shirleys Bay Campus

  • Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada’s Shirleys Bay Campus supports vital research for National Defence and other government departments and agencies.
  • In these Estimates, National Defence is transferring $380,000 to Innovation, Science and Economic Development to support the shared maintenance of Shirleys Bay Campus buildings.
  • These funds will be used to cover the costs of maintenance and repair services for the areas we occupy, as well as for common areas we share with other departments and agencies.
  • This maintenance and repair work includes improving security infrastructure and water management, as well as strengthening the building foundations on campus. 
  • This will ensure that the facilities at Shirleys Bay Campus will continue to support the needs of National Defence employees working in this location.

Key Facts

  • Funding will go towards:
    • Protecting potable water supplies from backflow: $132,069
    • Strengthening the building foundation: $62,433
    • Equipment replacement of the sewage pump: $57,630
    • Planning to improve water systems: $38,420
    • Funds for contingency costs: $34,546
    • Improving Campus security infrastructure: $30,891
    • Purchasing new fleet vehicles: $24,013


  • Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) is responsible for administering the property of the Shirleys Bay Campus.
  • National Defence has a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with ISED and the other government departments and agencies using the Campus.
  • As part of this MOU, all departments and agencies located at the Campus transfer funds to the common Shirleys Bay Campus Capital Investment Plan to fund services that benefit all stakeholders.
  • Other Departments and agencies located at Shirleys Bay Campus are:
    • The Communications Research Centre;
    • The Canadian Space Agency;
    • Library and Archives Canada; and
    • The National Research Council.

Version 5; 2020-02-19 – Source: Director Budget draft tab; Shirleys Bay TAB Supps (A) 2018.

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