Transfer to the Polar Continental Shelf Program in Resolute, Nunavut

  • Natural Resource Canada’s Polar Continental Shelf Program provides logistics planning and coordination for Whole-of-Government partners conducting field work in Canada’s North.
  • The Program’s facility in Resolute, Nunavut, also houses the Canadian Armed Forces Arctic Training Centre.
  • In these estimates, National Defence is transferring $2.6 million to Natural Resources Canada to cover our share of the annual operating and maintenance costs of the facility in Resolute.
  • These funds will also support the Programs’ joint activities with the Training Centre, including training for Canadian Rangers, search and rescue, and an Arctic Operations Advisor Course.
  • National Defence will continue to work closely with Whole-of -Government partners to further develop our ability to operate in the Arctic’s uniquely challenging environment.

Key Facts

  • Of the funds requested:
    • $1M will be provided to the Polar Continental Shelf Program to support coordinating and logistics planning with the Canadian Armed Forces Arctic Training Centre.
    • $956,000 will be used to support the facility’s annual operating costs, including the land lease, cleaning and repairs.
    • $714,000 will be used for off-season costs such as the payment of incremental salaries, travel, heating, electricity, janitorial services.


  • In 2010, National Defence and Natural Resources Canada signed a 25-year Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) outlining their cooperation in the Canadian Arctic.
  • This includes support to the Polar Continental Shelf Program (PCSP) and its facility in Resolute, Nunavut. The MOU also outlines the occupancy and use of the Resolute facility by the Canadian Armed Forces Arctic Training Centre (CAFATC).

Polar Continental Shelf Program

  • The PCSP provides cost-effective logistics planning, coordination and advice for the Canadian government, and university, northern, independent and international researchers conducting scientific field work, particularly in Canada’s North. Through this work, the PCSP directly contributes to the exercise of Canadian Arctic sovereignty.

Canadian Armed Forces Arctic Training Centre

  • The CAFATC provides a support base that enables whole of government emergency operations throughout the year, as well as a permanent footprint in a strategic location that allows for staging and force projection across the high Arctic.
  • The facility enables training and routine operations by providing a location to pre-position equipment and vehicles, and can also serve as a command post for emergency operations and disaster response in support of civilian authorities.
  • The CAFATC also accommodates training for Canadian Rangers, Arctic Company Response Groups, the Arctic Operations Advisor Course, search and rescue, Canadian Army sovereignty operations, and Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) joint exercises.
  • The Resolute facility where CAFATC is located include accommodations for up to 140 DND/CAF personnel with surge capacity for up to 210 personnel; a dining and recreation building; an infirmary; strategic and operational communications with reach across the Arctic; and 1100 square meters of warehouse space.

Version 5; 2020-02-19 – Source: Director Budget draft tab

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