Communicating with kindness during a pandemic: Tips and tools for Defence Team Members

February 10, 2021 - Defence Stories


This month, join us for a virtual webinar on Communicate With Care When Feeling Angry, brought to you by Total Health Programs

We all get frustrated, annoyed and irritated at times. These moments are more apparent today given the added stressors that come with navigating through a pandemic. However, it is important to find ways to express yourself, while remaining respectful towards others. Using abusive language is never an acceptable way for expressing or coping with anger. Everyone is going through their own unique challenges and under these circumstances, communicating with care is essential.

This month, join us for a virtual webinar on Communicate With Care When Feeling Angry, brought to you by Total Health Programs. Click on the above link for sign-up information.

Tips and resources to help Defence Team members communicate with kindness in the workplace and at home

The Strengthening the Forces health promotion program provides healthy relationships information which contains helpful tips on managing your role as a spouse, partner, parent and/or friend during these challenging times. For example:

The Canada Revenue Agency has provided guidance on effective interactive communication within the workplace. This resource discusses how you can express and receive information clearly, while communicating with others in a way that is effective and consistent with organizational objectives.

The Government of Canada’s Mental Health and COVID-19 for Public Servants provides information to balance family life including what to do if you are someone you know is experiencing family violence:

Resources for Workplace Harassment and Conflict Resolution:

Total Health Programs at the Department of National Defence

The Department of National Defence (DND)’s Total Health Programs Directorate includes subject matter experts from Mental Health and Well-being (Accessible only on the National Defence network.), the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) (Accessible only on the National Defence network.) and the Office of Disability Management (Accessible only on the National Defence network.). They provide mental health and well-being support to Defence Team members by providing access to tools, resources, and services. The team’s goal is to sustain a safe, supportive and respectful work environment where employees can thrive.

Get in touch with us!

Reach out to the EAP Corporate Office, the Mental Health and Well-being Corporate Office, or the Office of Disability Management.

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All Defence Team members have access to:

CAF members and their families have access to:

DND Civilian employees have access to:

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