Workplace harassment and violence prevention program

Important note

If you believe that your life/physical safety, or that of someone you know in the workplace, is at immediate risk, please contact the Military Police if you are on a base, wing, or in a DND building. If not on DND property, call 911.

Report harassment and violence: Notice of Occurrence form – Harassment and Violence in the Workplace.

4. Training

All Defence Team members are required to complete the mandatory training, Workplace Harassment and Violence Prevention (available through Canada School of Public Service (CSPS)) within the first 3 months of employment and at least once every three years.

All Defence Team members must complete:

Defence Team Chain of Command, Supervisors/Managers, Workplace Health and Safety Committee members, and Health and Safety representatives must complete:

Designated Recipients and Harassment and Violence Prevention Specialists must complete:

In addition, a training addendum provides information specific to the culture, conditions and activities of the work place:

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