Workplace Harassment and Violence Prevention (WHVP) Reporting and Resolution Process

A number of support services are available to Defence Team members dealing with workplace harassment and violence. Should you need assistance please do not hesitate to contact any of the following:

For more information about the process refer to the Wokrplace Harassment and Violence Prevention Policy Manual

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  • WHO - Does the occurrence involve a Defence Team Public Service employee?
    • No
    • Yes
      • The principal party or witness may provide a Notice of Occurrence (NoO) to the supervisor/manager or the Designated Recipient (DR) in writing, verbally, or anonymously. If the occurrence identifies a supervisor/manager as the principal party or the responding party, the NoO must be provided to the DR.
        • INITIAL REVIEW - Is there any immediate risk to the health and safety of any Defence Team member?
          • No
            • Continue with process
          • Yes
            • Refer to your organization’s emergency procedures or call 911.
          • Does the NoO contain the principal party and responding party’s name (if known), date of occurrence, and detailed information?
            • No
              • Contact the principal party to gather additional information.
              • If the NoO lacks information to identify the principal party, the occurrence cannot be processed and will be deemed resolved. In these instances, the nature of the occurrence, if known, will be shared with the local Workplace Health and Safety Committee (WHSC) that will review and, if necessary, update the workplace harassment and violence assessment and determine if any additional preventative measures are required. All information regarding the identity of parties must not be provided to the WHSC to maintain privacy and confidentiality of the person(s) involved.
            • Yes
              • Acknowledge Receipt. Within 7 calendar days of receiving the NoO, the supervisor/manager or DR must inform the principal party in writing using the Response to Principal Party Regarding a Notice of an Occurrence Template.
              • A witness who submits a NoO shall also be notified in writing within 7 days that it was received (unless reported anonymously).
            • Report receipt of the NoO — Within 7 calendar days, supervisor/managers must notify the WHPV CoE of receipt of an occurrence.
            • Negotiated Resolution - Efforts to resolve the occurrence must begin no later than 45 days after the day on which the notice was provided. The Regulations state that the employer, principal party and responding party (if contacted), must make every reasonable effort to resolve an occurrence during the negotiated resolution process.
            • Joint Review - Does the principal party and the supervisor/manager or DR agree that the occurrence meets the definition of harassment and violence?
              • Yes
                • Continue with the resolution process. The process may include meetings with the supervisor/manager, DR, principal party or responding party. If the principal party agrees to meet with the responding party, the supervisor/manager must contact the responding party using the Response to a Responding Party Template.
                • The meetings are an opportunity to have an informal, collaborative and positive discussion to find resolutions. Resolutions are tangible and reasonable measures that can be put into place to resolve and help prevent further occurrences.
              • No
                • If it is jointly determined that the occurrence does not meet the definition of harassment and violence, the occurrence will be deemed resolved. The parties may continue to work to find an informal resolution to address the situation. Advise the WHVP CoE for tracking purposes.
                • If the principal party determines that the occurrence meets the definition, while the supervisor/manager or DR does not, then the process continues with the following options:
                  1. continue working with the supervisor/manager to find a negotiated resolution;
                  2. pursue conciliation/alternate dispute resolution; and/or
                  3. request a prevention investigation.
            • Monthly updates regarding the status of the resolution process are to be provided by supervisor/manager or DR to all the parties involved using the Monthly Resolution Process Status Update Template.
            • Was the Negotiated Resolution successful?
              • Yes
                • The occurrence is deemed resolved. The supervisor/manager must inform the WHPV CoE for tracking purposes.
              • No
                • If parties are unable to come to a negotiated resolution agreement or if the circumstances warrant, the principal party has the option of requesting a conciliation (alternate dispute resolution) and/or a prevention investigation. All parties must make every reasonable effort to resolve the occurrence at the negotiated resolution, before the matter is referred to an investigator.
                  • Conciliation - The principal and responding parties may attempt to resolve the occurrence by conciliation if both agree to conciliation and on a person to facilitate it. Contact the Conflict and Complaint Management Services Centres for Conciliation/Alternative Dispute Resolution services.
                  • Was Conciliation successful?
                    • Yes
                      • The occurrence is deemed resolved. The supervisor/manager must inform the WHPV CoE for tracking purposes.
                    • No
                      • Contact the WHVP CoE, they are responsible for contracting a qualified investigator.
                        • Prevention Investigation - Preventive in nature, a prevention investigation focuses on the root cause of occurrences in the workplace and develops recommendations to prevent similar occurrences in the future.  The outcome of investigations cannot be used for remedial or disciplinary measures. For workplace misconduct, supervisors/managers should contact Labour Relations as a separate but parallel process. 
                        • Notice of Investigation - The supervisor/manager or DR must inform the principal party and the responding party of the prevention investigation.
                        • Investigator’s Report - The investigator provides their report to the supervisor/manager or DR that includes:
                          1. a general description of the occurrence;
                          2. the result of their findings, including those related to the circumstances that contributed to the occurrence; and
                          3. any recommendations to eliminate or minimize the risk of a similar occurrence.
                        • The report must not reveal, directly or indirectly, the identity of any person(s) involved in the occurrence or resolution process.   
                        • The supervisor/manager or DR provides the investigator's report to the principal party, responding party, and workplace committee or health and safety representative.
                      • Implementation of Recommendations - The employer and the workplace committee or health and safety representative must jointly determine which of the recommendations set out in the report are to be implemented. Do the employer and committee/representative agree with the recommendations?
                        • Yes
                          • Inform the principal party and responding party of which prevention measures will be implemented and by when. Recommendations must be implemented within one year of receipt of the NoO.
                        • No
                          • In the event of disagreement, the employer’s decision prevails. The decision and justification must be documented.
                      • NoO Resolved
                      • The resolution process is completed when:
                        1. a resolution has been achieved through joint determination or conciliation;
                        2. the employer implements recommendations contained in an investigation report; and
                        3. a workplace assessment, is updated, as deemed required.
                      • The resolution process must be completed within one year of the NoO. A principal party may decide to stop the process at any time. Once the NoO is resolved, please inform the principal party Once the NoO is resolved, please inform the principal party and the responding party, if involved, using the File Closure Letter. The supervisor/manager must inform the WHPV CoE of a resolution for tracking purposes. All actions related to a NoO or its resolution must be documented and retained by the employer for 10 years.

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