FRAGO 001 to CDS Op Order - Op HONOUR

March 2016


  1. CAF Progress Report Addressing Inappropriate Sexual Behaviour dated 01 February 2016
  2. OP HONOUR Op O dated 14 August 2015
  3. CAF Action Plan – 30 April 15
  4. CDS Directive for MND/CDS Critical Information Requirements 14 Dec 2015
  5. DAOD 2008-3 – Issue and Crisis Management (Significant Incident Reports)


1. General. The inaugural Progress Report on the CAF Response to Harmful and Inappropriate Sexual Behaviour (HISB) was released on 01 February 2016. It identified the progress we have made in dealing with this insidious problem that threatens the CAF’s effectiveness as a military force. It also highlighted several areas where we need to focus our attention to ensure mission success. This FRAG O outlines my updated direction in executing OP HONOUR until the end of phase four and associated deliverables.

2. Successfully dealing with HISB remains a key leadership responsibility, and requires the full commitment of the CAF at all levels. While we have begun to achieve initial progress, L1 engagement must be dedicated and sustained for the long term but will be focused on two aspects in particular over this next phase. First, internal to the L1 organizations, progress along the four lines of effort must continue to follow the plans and orders of OP HONOUR phase one. This is a continuous improvement cycle requiring a sustained effort across all levels of the institution until we have eliminated HISB. The second area will entail a closer monitoring and reporting of metrics and trends. This will be achieved through a number of methods including reports and returns outlined in Annex B as well as surveys, questionnaires, calls to the SMRC, topics of discussion, etc., with results included in the semi-annual progress reports coordinated by the CSRT-SM. For Commanders reporting to civilian L1s, those executives must continue to be fully informed and engaged on your way forward.

3. As stated in the inaugural Progress Report, I will receive future reports on a semi-annual basis and they will continue to be publicly released. The DG CSRT-SM will engage key leaders directly to discuss progress and outstanding issues in advance of reports being finalised and following my assessment of the progress reported, I will issue subsequent FRAG Os to implement necessary actions to move initiatives forward IOT achieve my end state.


4. My mission remains to eliminate HISB within the CAF.


5. CDS Intent. The Strategy described in the CAF Action Plan of April 2015 is working and remains extant. I am confident that the fundamentals that underpin the Profession of Arms and the CAF leadership framework remain strong. While dealing with HISB continues to be a key leadership responsibility, addressing HISB within the CAF is the responsibility of every CAF member and the institution shall provide the support and tools necessary to exercise this responsibility.

6. We are making progress though we are early in the execution of OP HONOUR. It is clear that some remain skeptical, and most stakeholders are likely to reserve judgement on the operation’s success until unequivocal results and outcomes are proven. Intent drives actions and actions drive outcomes, but they need to be systemically captured and communicated. The CAF will be judged not just on our efforts to address HISB but also on OP HONOUR’s outcomes.

7. It is my intent that the enduring outcome of OP HONOUR will be the elimination of HISB from the CAF. Accordingly, we need to redouble our efforts IOT achieve and validate positive and sustainable tangible change.

8. Concept of Operations. In further clarifying the role of CSRT-SM at ref B, the CSRT-SM will continue to be available to advise and assist with those tasks that fall within the authority and responsibility of individual L1s. The chain of command retains the authority and responsibility to issue orders, direction and remain accountable to the CDS WRT OP HONOUR. Where certain initiatives require centralised control, the CSRT-SM will lead or facilitate on my behalf.

9. I remind all that the success of OP HONOUR is predicated on collective achievement. My objective is to ensure a consistent and integrated implementation across the CAF and priority support shall be given to CSRT-SM initiatives that I have directed through all phases of this operation.

10. Sequencing. With the completion of phase one on 30 Sept 15, the timings for subsequent phases remain unchanged:

  1. Phase Two – Preparation. Ongoing and to be completed NLT 1 Jul 16;
  2. Phase Three – Deployment/Employment. Commencing upon conclusion of phase two and to be completed NLT 1 Jul 17; and
  3. Phase Four – Maintain and Hold. Commencing upon the conclusion of phase three.

11. Strategic Enablers.

  1. Leadership Engagement and Accountability. Leaders at all levels will continue to ensure that prompt and decisive action is taken in response to any HISB consistent with all applicable laws and policies. More than ever, we must reinforce the values of the Profession of Arms, the DND/CAF Code of Values and Ethics, and be decisive and immediate in our response to HISB. I will not tolerate leaders at any level who fail to act appropriately when confronted with HISB within their chain of command.
  2. Good Governance. As with any military effort, effective governance is a critical enabler. Completing the governance construct for OP HONOUR will be a key task for the remainder of phase two, including those relationships lacking clarity. The evolving mandate of the SMRC and its relationship with the CSRT-SM will be further refined. Additionally, the details of the composition and role of the OP HONOUR Steering Committee and the Advisory Council will be established immediately.
  3. Measurement of Effectiveness. Central to fully understanding the scope and complexity of the problem and assessing OP HONOUR’s progress is the ability to track and measure trends within the organization and the effectiveness of actions taken at all levels. Accordingly, a major focus in Apr and May will be the STATSCAN survey and maximizing CAF participation. Concurrently, the CAF will initiate complimentary performance measures to ensure we establish the effectiveness of our actions in response to HISB.

12. Main Effort. It is absolutely essential to maintain momentum and build upon the demonstration of intent through concrete action and outcomes across the institution. The determinant of mission success and achieving my intent is linked directly to outcomes and tangible deliverables. The main effort for this FRAG O is concentrated on policy, terminology and programs. Policy development must commence with the immediate development and promulgation of clear, correct and precise terminology for HISB and associated subjects. This will be followed by the development of a unified, coherent policy using plain language. Concurrent to the work on policies and terminology will be the promulgation of new training material beginning in the Jun to Sep 16 period and continuing throughout OP HONOUR.

13. End State. My end state has not changed. It shall be achieved when all CAF members are able to perform their duties in an environment free of harmful and inappropriate sexual behaviour and are able to fully enjoy the support of an institution that fosters mutual trust, respect, honour, and dignity.

14. Groupings and Tasks. See Annex A. Tasks listed in this Annex are intended to clarify, replace and supersede the initial allocation of tasks issued under OP HONOUR.

15. Reports and Returns. In order to continually assess the effectiveness of OP HONOUR related activities across the CAF, L1s will be required to report all OP HONOUR related activities undertaken by their organizational as well as any HISB occurrences IAW the following:

  1. OP HONOUR Activities. In order to develop subsequent CAF Progress Reports addressing HISB, L1s shall provide CSRT-SM a complete report of all activities, including training, seminars, town halls, direction and guidance, etc., with an OP HONOUR nexus IAW the timings outlined in Annex A.
  2. Reporting of HISB Occurrences. There is a requirement to centralize reporting of HISB in the CAF. The Significant Incident Report (SIR) process, while valid for serious incidents, is both underutilized and inconsistent in terms of the details reported. Furthermore, the SIR or CCIR processes in accordance with refs D and E may not be appropriate in all cases for reporting complaints being tracked at the unit level for which an Unit Disciplinary Investigation or a Harassment Investigation is ongoing. As such, future reporting on HISB shall be accomplished IAW Annex B, and a pro forma that will be forthcoming. In providing the information required at Appendix 1 of Annex B, Commanders and staffs must remain vigilant of the requirement to protect the privacy of the individuals involved, including only the information needed to describe the incident to those above the unit level.

16. Key Dates and Timings. The following key dates outline CAF activities:

  1. STATSCAN survey: 11 Apr – 13 May 16. Instructions will be promulgated via CANFORGEN NLT 5 Apr 16 to be followed by emails and letters to Reg Force and P Res members of the CAF;
  2. Monthly L1 Reporting of HISB Occurrences: Upon receipt of the pro forma, L1s will report monthly IAW Annex B;
  3. Sexual Harassment in CAF (definition and policy framework) (CANFORGEN): 15 May 16;
  4. CO’s Unit-Level Toolkit and Bystander Intervention Training: Provided to L1s NLT 1 Jun 16;
  5. Bi-Annual L1 Report to CSRT-SM on OP HONOUR activities: Remit to CSRT-SM NLT 30 May 16;
  6. Interim Unified Policy Direction (CANFORGEN): 15 Jun 16;
  7. Release of second Progress Report: 28 Jun 16;
  8. Phase Two ends: 30 Jun 16;
  9. Phase Three Begins: 1 Jul 16;
  10. FRAG O 002 to OP HONOUR 15 Jul 16 (TBC); and
  11. Other dates and timings remain unchanged.

Concept of support

17. JAG Support. No change.

18. CFPM Support. No change.

19. Force Allocation. No change.

20. Task Coordination. No change.

21. Public Affairs Posture. The CAF will maintain an active PA posture focused on maintaining high awareness of OP HONOUR among internal and external stakeholders. ADM (PA) is responsible for developing the public affairs strategy and leading, coordinating and evaluating its execution. CSRT-SM Comms/PA in collaboration with SMRC PA will plan, coordinate, execute and evaluate OP HONOUR programming and content for ADM (PA) approval through DG CSRT-SM. ADM (PA) will also work with SMRC to enhance awareness and visibility of the SMRC over phases two and three.

22. CAF Member Support Services. There are a myriad of internal and external support services avail to both CAF members and the CoC when dealing with HISB. Annex D provides a list of some of the key CAF support services but local resources should be well communicated to CAF members at all levels.

23. Sexual Misconduct Response Centre (SMRC). Under phase one of OP HONOUR, the SMRC was opened in an interim capacity as an immediate and additional support resource for members of the CAF. The SMRC services will continue to evolve until it reaches FOC in 2018.


24. This operation remains command-centric, supported by an accountability framework that extends throughout the integrated Defence Team of DND/CAF. To this end, the DM and I will work closely together to achieve the Government of Canada objectives to establish and maintain a workplace free from harassment and discrimination.

25. Supported Commander. CMP is the supported commander for phases two, three and four.

26. Supporting Commanders/Group Principals. All other Commanders and Group Principals.

27. Points of Contact. POCs for OP HONOUR for CSRT-SM and across L1s see Annex C.


28. Internal and external communication and engagement remain critical and the strategic plan is being enhanced to ensure we transition from demonstration of intent to delivering actions and measuring outcomes.

29. We will continue to use a range of communication tools to reach and inform the wide internal and external audience. Material will be distributed through a number of means to ensure accessibility and the existing intranet webpage will be significantly enhanced to ensure that pertinent information will be available on a timely basis to leaders, the CoC and all CAF members. The leadership toolbox will continue to be updated and provide resources for use across the institution.

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