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More than ever, your move is at your fingertips and under your control – whenever you want and wherever you are. Using the information you provided during the Preliminary Relocation Assessment (PRA), Your Move Profile gives you the personalized tools you need for a successful move.

All these tools are also readily available through our mobile app, giving you on-the-go access to the information you’ll need. For Apple devices, you can find the app on Apple iStore; for Android devices, it’s on the Play Store.

There are five major tabs in Your Move Profile.

  • Tab #1 - Move Planner – Under this tab, you have access to four major elements:
    • Tasks – This tab keeps track of upcoming milestones you should be considering during your move. For example, when you complete your HHT, a task will generate as a reminder to submit your HHT expenses. You can view these tasks in a list, calendar, or timeline view.
    • Travel Booking – When you need to book commercial travel relating to your relocation, use this tab to select the type of travel and enter the necessary details to initiate the request (e.g., who will be travelling). Submit your completed request to BGRS and we will forward it to our service provider, Hogg Robinson Group (HRG). HRG will then contact you directly to issue your e-tickets.
    • Finances – This tab lets you see an overview of your move expenses estimated, advanced and paid to date. Keep in mind that changing details in Your Move Profile (for example, adding or removing a dependant) may affect your entitlements and change the financial estimates shown here as they are all customized to the specific details of your move.
    • Suppliers – This tab lets you search for the Third-Party Service Providers (TPSPs) you need, showing you their contact information and displaying the most up-to-date ceiling fees. For a more in-depth explanation on selecting a TPSP, please watch the TPSP VIP in your Knowledge Centre.
    • Destination – Using an interactive map, this tab gives you information on amenities such as restaurants, hospitals, stores, and schools in your destination area, helping you familiarize yourself with your new location and plan an effective House Hunting Trip.
  • Tab #2 – CommunicationsYour Move Profile has everything you need to have a successful move, however there may be times when you will need clarification on using the available tools or on a part of the relocation directive. In these instances, you can use the Knowledge Centre tab. All correspondence with BGRS is saved to Your Move Profile for reference, and you can sort through it by correspondence type or date for easier review.
  • Tab #3 – My Relocation Policy – It is your responsibility to read the parts of the Relocation Directive that apply to your move. This tab links directly to an electronic copy of the latest Relocation Directive so you can confirm eligibility to specific benefits at any time.
  • Tab #4 – Documents – To substantiate your move benefits, you’ll be asked to upload documents - a sale or purchase agreement, for example - at various points of your move. You’ll also have a personal folder so that you can upload other move-related documents, letting you keep everything in one place. Only you can see the contents of your personal folder. Additionally, this tab will offer you access to forms you may require such as the application to move your furniture and effects.
  • Tab #5 – Knowledge Centre – This tab links to a single location that gives you the advice and resources you’ll need to make informed decisions. Here you will find Fact Sheets, Quick Tips, and Virtual Information Presentations like this one to help you with benefits and other issues that you might encounter during your move.

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