Preparing to sell

A typical home sale includes three major expenses: the real estate commission, your lawyer’s legal fees, and associated legal disbursements. For a full breakdown of estimated costs, we recommend that you review the relocation directive, and your financial budget, available on Your Move Profile.

Here are some tips to help you get a quick sale at a fair price given current market conditions.

  • Tip #1 – Carefully choose a realtor/broker® and then listen to their advice. The Suppliers section of Your Move Profile has a Directory of realtor/brokers® who have agreed to the ceiling rates and service delivery standards of the CAF contract. Your realtor/broker® should have experience listing homes in your area and be familiar with your location.
  • Tip #2 – Know your competition. Understanding how comparables work when considering home value and real estate listing prices is an important part of selling a home. There are two kinds to consider: current comparables and recently sold homes.
    • Current comparable properties represent your competition. Take note of how long they’ve been on the market, their initial listing price vs current listing price, and any incentives being offered. How does your home compare?
    • Recently sold properties show what buyers looking at your neighbourhood are willing to pay. Comparing their initial listing price against the final sale price will show market trends and the actual value of properties in the area.
  • Tip #3 – Use your appraisal report. The appraiser is a professional who has assessed your home’s market value. Because this report can be an invaluable tool in determining a fair price for listing your home, select your appraiser carefully. Use the Suppliers tab of Your Move Profile to find an appraiser who services your area at the agreed ceiling rates and service delivery standards of the CAF contract..
  • Tip #4 – Price it appropriately from the start. While you want to get the best return on investment you can, the first 30 days of the listing will typically draw the most interest as new buyers rush out to scout your newly listed home. In addition, your realtor/broker® will be more likely to promote your home enthusiastically if they are confident in the pricing strategy.
  • Tip #5 – Put your home’s best face forward. Once you’ve decided on a listing price and put it on the market, making sure your home shows as well as possible could make the difference in getting a quick sale. Keep the house clean and put things away to make it show better. An untidy house may alter a potential buyer’s perception of the condition of the house.
  • Tip #6 – Make the home available. If buyers can’t get in to see the home, how are they going to buy it? Setting strict restrictions on availability for showings may be easier for you, but being flexible will make sure you get the most potential buyers through and increase your chances for a quick sale.

We expect you have more questions. Your Knowledge Centre on Your Move Profile is an invaluable tool for other relocation information and guidance: other VIPs, fact sheets, and FAQs. The “Sale of Your Residence” section of the Relocation Directive has all the information you will need on potential sale benefits. Take the time to review all the information available and familiarize yourself with what you’re eligible for.

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