Transparency - ESDC

In support of open government, ESDC provides open access to information about how we spend taxpayer dollars. This makes you better able to hold Parliament, the government, and public sector officials accountable.

Departmental Plan

Main priorities over the next three years shown by success criteria

Departmental Results Report

Report of results achieved compared to expectations in the Departmental plans

Travel and hospitality expenses

Money spent on travel, hospitality and conferences

Government contracts awarded

Contracts awarded by ESDC that were over $10,000

Grants and Contributions

Money, goods, services or assets transferred to individuals, organizations or other levels of government

Departmental Audit Committee

Monies and expenses for each external departmental audit committee member appointed by the Treasury Board

Reclassification of public service positions

Public service jobs that have been reclassified

Access to Information and Privacy

Information about the administration of Access to Information and Privacy Acts within ESDC

Service standards

The level of performance we aim to provide under normal circumstances

Transition materials

Information given to new or incoming Ministers and Deputy Ministers

Audit reports

Annual audit reports on programs and services


Annual evaluation reports on programs and services

List of Briefing Note titles

List of titles of briefing notes prepared for Ministers or Deputy Heads

Acts and Regulations

List of acts and regulations that we are responsible for administering

Question Period notes

The notes we prepared for our ministers and were in use on the last sitting day in June and December.

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