Hire a temporary foreign worker through the Recognized Employer Pilot: Overview

The Recognized Employer Pilot (REP) is a 3-year pilot project with 2 phases. Starting September 12, 2023, applications will be accepted for positions on the Phase 1 REP occupations list. Applications for Phase 2 will start in January 2024. The phase you apply for will depend on the position you’re trying to fill.

The REP offers a streamlined approach for employers who:

  • regularly access the TFWP to fill positions for in-demand fields from the REP occupations list, and
  • meet the highest standards for working and living conditions and worker protection

Recognized employers can benefit from validity periods of up to 36 months for LMIA applications that receive a positive decision. They can also access a simplified LMIA application when hiring additional workers.

Designed for administrative efficiency, the REP will maintain existing worker protections while providing:

  • simpler and more predictable access to labour for employers, and
  • more flexibility for the Canadian labour market

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