Reporting a death

If you are reading this following the loss of a loved one, please accept our condolences.

When someone passes away in a Canadian province, the provincial vital statistics agency automatically notifies the SIN Program, therefore you do not have to do so.

If the death occurs in a territory or outside Canada, you must inform the SIN Program. To report a death, provide the deceased’s SIN and proof of death. This may include a statement of death from the funeral director or a copy of the death certificate. Submit the documents by mail or in person to a Service Canada Centre.

Informing the SIN Program of the death reduces the risk of someone else using the SIN fraudulently. You can still use the SIN for estate purposes.

To obtain information on how to notify other federal programs and/or departments of a death, visit the website Notify the federal government of a death.

Obtaining a Confirmation of SIN for a deceased individual

The legal representative of the estate may obtain a Confirmation of SIN for the deceased by submitting an application.

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