Environment and Climate Change Canada funding programs

We offer funding through various Grants and Contributions programs. Eligible groups, organizations and individuals can apply for support of projects that protect or conserve our natural environment.

For more information consult our list of programs below and refer to our service standards.

List of programs
Category/topic Title Description Status
Climate change Emissions Reduction Advancement Program An industry-funded program established under the Clean Fuel Regulations that will support projects that reduce short term GHG emissions in Canada. Upcoming
Climate change Food Waste Prevention and Diversion: Research and Capacity Building Fund Supports projects that will help reduce and/or divert food and other organic waste from landfill. Closed
Climate change Emerging approaches for reducing landfill methane emissions Support for pilot tests of emerging monitoring technologies to optimize methane recovery at landfills. Closed
Climate change Climate Action and Awareness Fund Support for projects that raise awareness of climate change. Closed
Climate change Output-Based Pricing System Proceeds Fund Supports clean technology projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions to help decarbonize Canada‚Äôs industrial sectors, while returning OBPS proceeds to jurisdictions of origin.  Closed
Climate change Low Carbon Economy Fund Supports projects that will reduce emissions, create jobs and save Canadians and companies money Ongoing
Climate change Nature Smart Climate Solutions Fund Support for projects that restore wetlands, peatlands, and grasslands to store and capture carbon and support biodiversity. Closed
Climate change/Indigenous Indigenous-led Natural Climate Solutions Support for Indigenous-led projects that restore wetlands, peatlands, and grasslands to store and capture carbon and support biodiversity. Closed
Donation Ecological gifts program Protects ecologically sensitive land and nature in order to leave a legacy for future generations. Ongoing
General Environmental Damages Fund Fines resulting from environmental damage collected to fund projects which benefit the natural environment. Closed   
Plastic Increasing Knowledge on Plastic Pollution Initiative Address knowledge gaps related to the potential human health effects and ecotoxicology of plastics in Canada. Closed
Plastic Zero Plastic Waste Initiative Funds local projects that mobilize Canadians and communities to develop and test solutions to prevent plastics from entering the environment. Closed
Water Wolastoq/Saint John River Freshwater Ecosystem Initiative Supports projects that will improve the water quality and ecological health of the Wolastoq/Saint John River Watershed. Closed
Water Community Interaction Program Promotes community projects that conserve and improve the St. Lawrence ecosystem. Closed
Water Great Lakes Freshwater Ecosystem Initiative Addresses the most significant environmental challenges affecting Great Lakes water quality and ecosystem health. Closed
Water Lake Winnipeg Basin Program Supports projects aimed at improving water quality and the ecological health of Lake Winnipeg and its basin. Closed
Water Lake of the Woods Freshwater Ecosystem Initiative Supports projects that address harmful algal blooms in the Lake of the Woods. Closed
Water Lake Simcoe Freshwater Ecosystem Initiative Funds projects that address harmful algal blooms in Lake Simcoe. Closed
Regional program Salish Sea Marine Emissions Reduction Fund Helps reduce air pollutant and greenhouse gas emissions from domestic marine vessels or fleets operating in the Canadian portion of the Salish Sea. Closed
Species at risk Aboriginal Fund for Species at Risk Supports Indigenous capacity with respect to species at risk and funds projects that prevent other species from becoming a conservation concern. Closed
Species at risk Community Nominated Priority Places for Species at Risk Funds projects with multiple partners working together to conserve species at risk and their habitat. Closed
Species at risk Habitat Stewardship Program Funds projects that contribute directly to the recovery of species at risk and prevent others from becoming a conservation concern. Closed
Species at risk Critical Habitat Interdepartmental Program Federal land managers play an important role in regards to species at risk protection, conservation and recovery on the lands that they manage. This program contributes directly to supporting Federal Government Departments and Agencies, as well as Crown Corporations by providing funding for the implementation of conservation and recovery projects pertaining to species at risk and their critical habitat on the lands that they manage. Closed
Water EcoAction Community Funding Program Support to community groups for action-based projects, with a focus on freshwater, to improve the environment and increase environmental awareness and capacity in the community. Closed
Indigenous Indigenous Guardians Program Provides Indigenous Peoples with more opportunities for stewardship of their traditional territories. Closed
Climate Change/ Water National Adaptation Strategy & Hydrologic Prediction and Innovation Funds projects in priority climate data, services, and assessments; flood hazard identification and mapping; hydrologic prediction; and innovation in hydrometry Closed

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