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Government of Canada Information on Pollution and Substances of Concern

  • Canada's Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions - Monitoring, Reporting and Verification of Greenhouse Gas Sources and Sinks.

  • Chemical Substances Portal - Information on Canada's Chemical Management Plan, which will improve the degree of protection against hazardous chemicals. The Plan includes a number of new, proactive measures to make sure that chemical substances are managed properly.

  • Air- Information on Environment Canada's efforts to reduce air pollution and better understand its levels, causes and sources.

  • Management of Toxic Substances - Information on toxic substances managed under The Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 (CEPA 1999) and related policies and plans, including The Chemicals Management Plan and the Toxic Substances Management Policy.

  • Canadian Pollution Prevention Information Clearinghouse - Information for Canadians to inform themselves and take action on pollution prevention.

  • Air Quality Health Index - A public information tool that helps Canadians protect their health on a daily basis from the negative effects of air pollution.

  • National Air Pollution Surveillance Network - Map of the National Air Pollution Surveillance stations.

  • Pest Management Regulatory Agency - Health Canada's Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) is the federal agency responsible for the regulation of pest control products in Canada.

  • Wastewater- Information on the effects of wastewater effluents on the environment and the steps Environment Canada is taking to address this source of pollution.

  • Federal Contaminated Sites - Information on federal contaminated sites, which are contaminated sites owned or leased by the federal government, or sites where the federal government has accepted full responsibility for the contamination.

Provincial and Regional Pollutant Inventories

International Pollutant Release and Transfer Register (PRTR) Resources

Tailing and Waste Rock

Other Substance Information Resources

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