Bisphenol A in industrial effluents: pollution prevention planning notice

Note: All facilities that became subject to this notice when it was published have met the requirements of the notice.

However, this notice remains in effect. Other facilities can still become subject to the notice and will then be required to prepare and implement a pollution prevention plan as per the deadlines below.

This notice applies to any owner or operator of an industrial facility that:

For more details, refer to the bisphenol A in industrial effluents notice.

If you are uncertain whether you are subject to the notice, contact us for clarification or to obtain a notification of non-engagement form.


If you became subject to the notice after April 14, 2012, you must:


You must complete and submit reports as required (see deadlines above).

Performance results

The notice has somewhat been successful even though 2 of the 4 facilities did not achieve the risk management objective. Despite the shift to non-bisphenol A products, the substance is still present in effluents above the target for those two facilities. They have agreed to pursue sampling twice a year until the achievement of the risk management objective. There has been an overall 99% reduction in the amount of bisphenol A used. An overall reduction of 94% of bisphenol A sent to off-site wastewater systems was achieved. An overall reduction of 83% has been achieved to date for the average concentration of bisphenol A in effluents. For more information, see the performance report.

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