12.1.3 Mass marketing fraud



You receive a fraudulent email that looks like it comes from a legitimate company, asking you to click on a link that brings you to a fake website. The website often can be made to look like your financial institution's website, so you do not notice the scam. You are asked to enter or verify personal information (such as a credit card number, an online banking password or a Social Insurance Number), which is captured by the fraudster.

SMiShing (SMS phishing) and vishing (voice phishing) are variations of phishing that use phone text messaging and voice technology to steal your personal information.

Fraudulent telemarketing

Telemarketing scammers solicit funds for fake charities or fraudulent investments. The caller asks about you and uses your answers to manipulate you into a quick sale. To be safe, never invest, donate or make purchases on the phone unless you make the call yourself or can validate the company's existence.

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